Cheese snacks for cheese lovers

Whisps 101

Cheese snacks for cheese lovers

You don’t have to be a professional cheesemaker to get why so many people are turning to cheese as their go-to, healthy snack.

Low Carb Crusader

If you are one of the 87 million carb counters, you may have just found your new best friend. Whether you’re a die-hard Keto fan or just saving your carbs for a glass of wine or a brownie, Cheese Whisps are your new made-to-order low-carb snack.

Purely Gluten-Free

With more than 3 million people looking for gluten-free foods, new products hit the market with this lable every day. No matter how you slice it, or crisp it, cheese is naturally gluten free.

Clean Pantry Family

Picky about what’s inside the food you give your kids? Us too. Say yes to 100% natural cheese – no refrigeration required. Say no to artificial ingredients, fillers, additives, preservatives and lactose. Food allergies? No worries, our facilities are peanut free.

Fancy Foodies

Today’s foodies celebrate life around the table (or the charcuterie board) and they know great cheese when they taste it. Take a bag along with a bottle of wine to your next gathering and you’ll be the hit of the party.
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