Are you a cheese fanatic? We are. The team at Whisps is passionate about making a healthy and delicious snack for our customers. In fact, we make the cheese ourselves and taste test each batch (tough job, we know!) to ensure that each Whisp delivers the perfect flavor. We are growing quickly and hiring now. If you’re interested in becoming our newest Whisperer, see our jobs.


The best team in the biz!
Whisperers are more than just co-workers, we’re family. We actually, genuinely, really, like each other. Really.

Weekly wine & cheese happy hour.
We weren’t kidding about being cheese fanatics. We can’t get enough of the stuff!

A surplus of healthy snacks.
We believe better for you should taste great and love supporting other delicious brands in the space. We also have a thing for seltzer. Are you Team Spindrift or Team La Croix?

We enjoy the journey.
We’re always having fun together and celebrating successes big and small. From team outings and workout classes to very PUNNY birthdays, it’s never a dull moment at Whisps HQ.

Flexible PTO.
We believe in being accountable for yourself. That includes knowing when you need a break to recharge, finally make that doctor’s appointment, attend your child’s recital, or whatever else you need to do to be your best self when you’re here.

401k Match.
Whisperers work hard and we want that to pay off in the future. That’s why we offer an employee matching program for those who contribute to a 401K.

Assurance that you’re insured.
Medical, dental, vision, incidental, life, disability – you name it, we likely have a policy for it.

Competitive pay.
Our standards are high and we want our compensation to reflect that.

Travel Discounts.
Rental cars, Lyfts, hotels, commuter benefits, etc. We try to help make getting around town a bit easier.

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